Uber Incentive Plan Kolkata 2017 | Uber Driver income

Uber incentive plan Kolkata 2017

All the Uber Drivers in Kolkata can follow the incentive plan to make more incentives. Incentive plan will be applicable to all the Uber Drivers only if they meet daily regular targets. Latest Updated Uber Incentive plan Kolkata 2017.

Uber incentive plan Kolkata

Uber Incentive plan Kolkata

Daily Incentive plan

18 Trips Earn up to Rs 5400 on doing Rs 2200 Fare.

14 Trips Earn up to Rs 4200 on doing Rs 1800 Fare.

11 Trips Earn up to Rs 3200 on doing Rs 1500 Fare.

9 Trips Earn up to Rs 2400 on doing Rs 1200 Fare.

5 Trips Earn up to Rs 1400 on doing Rs 800 Fare.

All the Incentive plans will be same on weekdays and Weekends

Acceptance rate and Completion rate: 90%

Earnings = Fare – Uber charges and Tax

Complete Maximum Trips to make really good incentives

Total Earnings(Includes Incentives ) = Total Income (Incentives + Fare) – Uber Charges and Tax (25%)

Incentive plan changes week to week but almost all the incentive plans are similar with slight changes in it.

A Uber Driver earns between 30k to 60k per month by meeting regular targets in normal hours and Peak Hours.

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