Uber Incentive plan hyderabad 2017 | monthly Income of uber Driver

uber incentive plan hyderabad

Uber Incentive Plan Hyderabad will be applicable for all Uber drivers in Hyderabad based on the performance. Drivers can make as much as incentives they can with Uber by meeting regular targets. Averagely Uber Driver can earn anywhere between 30k to 70k per Month including Incentives

Uber Incentive plan hyderabad 2017

Uber Incentive Plan Hyderabad for Hyderabad Drivers

Incentives on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

18 Trips Earn up to Rs 6000 on doing Rs 2500 Fare.

14 Trips Earn up to Rs 5000 on doing Rs 2000 Fare.

12 Trips Earn up to Rs 4400on doing Rs 1800 Fare.

10 Trips Earn up to Rs 3500 on doing Rs 1500 Fare.

7 Trips Earn up to Rs 2400 on doing Rs 1000 Fare.

5 Trips Earn up to Rs 1500 on doing Rs 800 Fare.

Incentives on Monday and Sunday

Earn up to Rs 7000 on doing Rs 3000 Fare.

They have to do Rs 300 between 6 pm to 11 pm Mandatory

Minimum 5 Trips a day to get Incentives and Rs 25 per Km

Income of Driver

(75%) Driver income = Total income (100%) – Uber Charges and Tax (25%)

25% of Uber and Tax Charges and remaining 75% Owner income

20% – Uber Charges

5% – Service tax

75% – Owner Income excluding Expenses like Fuel and other charges

Consider if you do 10 Trips a day you will get 3500 and Uber charges Rs 1000

Remaining 2500 will be profit into your pocket and Fuel charges, Driver Pay will be around Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. The profit will be around Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 a day which makes a monthly income of 30k to 45k.

Peak hours

Morning 8 AM to 11 AM

Evening 4 PM to 11 PM

On Monday 3 trips  between 7 Am to 12 pm to get Extra Rs 200

They will Earn 30k to 45k per Month Excluding expenses and other charges.

Drivers can earn more incentives by taking more trips during peak hours on any day.

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