Ola Outstation One way Trips are Launched

Ola outstation one way trips launched
Ola outstation one way trips

Ola outstation travel is economical, safer and more convenient, we’re taking it to the next level…

Ola outstation one way trips launched
Ola outstation one way trips

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How to Book Ola Outstation trip

  1. Install Ola app in your phone
  2. Login or Signup to Ola app using mobile number and email id.
  3. Select your destination and review your fares
  4. Once your destination is selected request your Ola cab
  5. Wait for your Ola to arrive to pick you up.

Ola Outstation One way trips Fares

Ola has introduced Ola Outstation trips across different cities, so that riders can travel without much hassle and for low fares.Whether you need a mini or a sedan or a big SUV Ola has everything for you.For complete details to check full fare details Log on to Ola app Android, Windows or Iphone app.

The list of fares for Ola Oustation One way trips with their base fares..below

Route Base fare Route Base fare
Ahmedabad to Rajkot  Rs. 3199 Delhi to Meerut  Rs. 1599
Ahmedabad to Vadodara  Rs. 1499 Guwahati to Shillong  Rs. 1700
Bangalore to Mysore  Rs. 1999 Jaipur to Ajmer  Rs. 1500
Chandigarh to Ludhiana  Rs. 1400 Kanpur to Lucknow  Rs. 1150
Chennai to Pondicherry  Rs. 1999 Kolkata – Durgapur  Rs. 1800
Chennai to Tirupati  Rs. 2299 Mumbai to Nashik  Rs. 2099
Delhi to Agra  Rs. 2599 Mumbai to Pune  Rs. 1950
Delhi to Chandigarh  Rs. 3299 Pune to Mumbai  Rs. 1950
Delhi to Jaipur Rs. 3299
Terms and Conditions
  1. Fares displayed above are base prices for only Ola Mini routes. Check Ola app for full details
  2. Your trip details will be available in the app amount billed as a round trip if you return back to origin city.
  3. The trip ends at destination city entered by you during booking.
  4. The bill will be generated based on the total distance traveled by rider to destination city
  5. Cancellation fees are applicable if users cancel the trip.
  6. Day allowance is applicable for your ride.Please check app for full fare details.
  7. All the fares listed exclude tolls, parking and taxes.
  8. One way toll should be paid to driver by the rider.