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The Demand for Cabs is really high in al cities of India. The Demand and supply is increasing day by day with Ola and Uber Cabs. Ola Incentive plan for all drivers in all cities. Ola Drivers can make really good income with the Ola cabs and good Incentives with lowest commission to the Ola service.

Ola Cabs Latest Incentive Plans | Ola Incentive plan

Latest Ola Incentive plan

Incentive plans are of two types

  • Based on Number of Bookings
  • Based on Earnings you made on Rides

*MBG = Money Back Guarantee

*Peak Hours Timings: 7 AM to 11 AM and 4 PM to 12 AM

Based on Earnings

  • Earn 6000 MBG for 3100 Earnings through Rides
  • Earn 5200 MBG for 2700 Earnings through Rides
  • Earn 4500 MBG for 2400 Earnings through Rides
  • Earn 3000 MBG for 1900 Earnings through Rides
  • Earn 2100 MBG for 1300 Earnings through Rides
  • Earn 1500 MBG for 800 Earnings through Rides

Note: Minimum 4 Bookings Daily

Based on Number of Bookings

  • Earn 6000 MBG for 18 Ola Bookings
  • Earn 5500 MBG for 17 Ola Bookings
  • Earn 4900 MBG for 15 Ola Bookings
  • Earn 3300 MBG for 11 Ola Bookings
  • Earn 2700 MBG for 10 Ola Bookings
  • Earn 1700 MBG for 8 Ola Bookings
  • Earn 1400 MBG for 6 Ola Bookings

Note: Atleast 3 bookings in Peak hours between 5 Pm to 10 Pm

Ola Cabs Incentive Plan 2017 | Incentive Plan for All Ola Drivers in India

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