Now You Can Book Uber Via Paytm app, Uber new feature in India

Book Uber Via Paytm App, New Feature from Uber

Uber is tailoring and optimizing its services to the likes of India. Now Book Uber via Paytm app. Uber has recently launched this feature, so users can request a cab through paytm.

It is trying to optimize its app features to make it more easy and hassle free for users. Uber has previously introduced schedule uber feature to tackle with Ola. Also, recently it has rolled out Uber Hire to compete with Ola Rentals feature.

Uber Rolls New Feature Book Uber Via Paytm app

Uber is working with Paytm from its early stage in India to offer a better service to riders. Now, it is more excited to launch a new feature to Book Uber Via Paytm by expanding its partnership.

Once, users click on this feature they will be redirected to Uber app immediately.

Uber via Paytm app

Paytm has already doing well post demonetisation move and is going to benefit more from this feature. Uber is also a mobility partner for dineout a restaurant table booking app.

Uber has previously made this kind of feature available through Helpchat, Snapdeal and also on ZoRooms by partnering with them.

How Book Uber on Paytm Works

  • Login to your paytm app
  • Select Uber on Paytm app

Uber via Paytm app new feature on Uber

Image source-Uber News room

  • Now tap on Uber option in paytm app
  • You will see a popup notification, redirected to Uber app where you can book an Uber ride
  • Select Open Uber app
  • You can request your Uber now
  • If you would not like to request click on cancel option in Paytm app.

Is this Useful to Users ?

Though not a big deal Uber offering this kind of service of “Book Uber on Paytm,” while we can use Uber app directly.

Instead Uber app shows you nearest cabs available around your location and also pickup time.

While opening the Paytm and again redirecting it to Uber app is not a big feature, directly using Uber app can save us a few minutes.

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