How to Use Uber Promo Code? | How to Apply Uber Promo Code?

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Uber Promo Codes are for best discounts on your Rides with Uber. You can travel any destination with best prices on your Uber Rides. Special Promotions can be applied on your Uber Rides using Uber promo Codes for everyone or Specified people. How to Use Uber Promo Code?

How to Use Uber Promo Code?

To Apply Uber Promo Code on your Uber Rides then you need to apply Promo Codes on your Uber App in promotions Section.

Old Uber App

How to enter Uber Promo Code in Uber Old App

  • Open the Uber App
  • Click on the Menu Button
  • Go to Promotions Section
  • Click On ADD PROMO CODE and then enter Promo Code
  • Click Apply

How to Use Uber Promo Code

New Uber App

How to enter Uber Promo Code in Uber Old App

  • Open the Uber App
  • Click on the Menu Button
  • Go to Payments Section
  • Tap on ADD PROMO/ GIFT CODE Option
  • Enter your Promo Code
  • Click Apply

That’s it..! You can avail Discounts on your Uber Rides

Did A Promo Apply On My Trip

To check whether a promo code has applied on your trip you can do one of the following.

1.On your e-mail

  • Simply check under the discounts section of your Uber receipt, which is sent after every trip via e-mail to your registered email id.

2.On your Uber app

  • Choose YOUR TRIPS from the app menu.
  • Select the trip you wish to check
  • View amount under DISCOUNTS

If Promo Code didn’t work?

If your promo code did not work then test for the subsequent.

1.Were you eligible for the promo?

Whenever you’re eligible for a promo, we’ll assist you to recognize via an SMS, electronic mail or push notification. If you received the promo from a pal, at the net and so forth. Your account might not be eligible for it.

2.Has the promo expired?

Check the validity below menu > payments > promotions (new app) and take a look at if the promo is still active. Some promotions may additionally have expiration dates or handiest practice in particular regions or towns. To check all promo codes currently applied for your account, choose “price” from the app menu and then faucet “promotions.” info and expiration dates are indexed.

3.Did your trip meet the promo standards?

A few promotions are best applicable on sure products, towns, price techniques or regions. Double-take a look at your promo message to ensure that your ride meets the promo standards

4.Has the promo already been used?

It’s a great concept to check your previous few journeys to make sure that the promo has now not already been used.

5.Did you apply the promo correctly?

In order for any promotional bargain to be carried out to a trip fare, you must input the promo code earlier than or at some point of the experience. Furthermore, the price of any promo code can most effective be carried out to one journey. Any leftover fee will no longer follow to your subsequent experience.

Referral Bonus Rides

You can earn free rides by inviting friends to sign on and trip with Uber. To see your invite code, faucet loose rides in the app menu.

While a chum signs and symptoms up with your invite code, they’ll obtain a loose first experience (upto ₹50). When they’ve completed the first journey, your next experience could be unfastened (upto ₹50) . This is valid on the first  3 rides for both of you. Referral merchandising codes are relevant to an invited person’s first journey and are not supposed for existing customers.

Proportion your code by way of tapping “invite buddies” after which choosing one of the options available, consisting of texting, emailing, sharing on social media. You could customise your invite code on riders.Uber.Com below profile.

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