Earn upto 1 lakh rupees from Google Tez

Google tez app

Google Tez uses Unified Payment Interface (UPI) and enables users to connect their bank accounts to the service. With the launch of its cellular app google tez in india, google eyes a foothold inside the united states’s growing digital bills marketplace. google tez uses unified payment interface (upi) and allows customers to attach their financial institution accounts to the provider. upi is a payment machine that lets in fund transfer between two bank bills the use of most effective mobile wide variety or price cope with. google has partnered with nation bank of india, the biggest lender, hdfc bank, icici bank and axis financial institution for the provider. within 24 hours of its release, google tez recorded almost 1.8 crore gross products quantity (gmv) achieved with four,10,000 active users, information organization indo-asian information enterprise suggested, citing a google spokesperson. gross merchandise price or gmv is the overall fee of merchandise offered over a given period of time.


How to Use Google Tez?

  1.  Download the Google Tez app from the below link. Check out Tez, a simple and secure payments app by Google. Make your first payment and we both get ₹51! https://g.co/tez/0e4ZX
  2.  Set Google Pin or Screen lock pin
  3.  Link you bank account with Tez
  4. Create a UPI for your bank account
  5. you’re ready to make payments online.

Google Tez

Google Tez Rewards

  1. Google tez cashback: the google tez app additionally gives a cashback of rs. 51 beneath a referral scheme. google tez users inviting any other person to download and be a part of the app gets a cashback of rs. 51 in step with invitee. for the inviter to be eligible for the cashback offer, the invitee should download and make a transaction of extra than rs. 50 at the app. “transactions must be rs. 50 or extra with a unique person,” in line with google tez’s website.
  2. the rs. 51 praise is limited to 50 in line with person, and a complete of rs. 9,000 in step with financial year, in line with the google tez website. “you and your invitee have to have a upi-enabled financial institution account connected in your respective tez money owed to acquire payment from google,” it mentioned.
  3. besides the rs. fifty one reward, google tez additionally awards another shape of advantage on transactions of rs. 50 and more. both the sender and the receiver of cash additionally get scratch playing cards. that is restrained to at least one scratch card per week for the sender-recipient pair.
  4. the google tez scratch card offers users a chance to earn up to rs. 1,000 in keeping with week, in keeping with the google tez internet site.
  5. scratch cards: google tez awards of scratch cards – blue – sent to the sender and the recipient – and pink – offered to the sender as soon as every week. the red scratch card, called ‘fortunate sunday’s’ card, unlocks only on sundays while the person gets a danger to win as much as rs. 1 lakh, it introduced. “you do not want to seek for discounts. simply use tez and in case you win, your rewards pass instantly into your bank account,” google further said on the tez internet site.

How to Make Payments in Google Tez?

  1. Payments can be made simple from Google Tez
  2. Use Send or Receive on home screen of tez
  3. or Select the user to send money
  4. enter the amount
  5. enter your Bank UPI pin
  6. Money succesfully transffered to the user.

Referral Program

  1. Go the link Download Tez  https://g.co/tez/0e4ZX
  2. Enter Referral code 0 e 4 Z X after installing the Google Tez app and registering
  3. You can enter the referral code on top right menu. click on Referral code
  4. Then enter the referral code
  5. Make a 1st transaction
  6. You will earn ₹51 and a scratch card to earn more.

Google tez app